How About Laying Office Carpet In The Office?

How About Laying Office Carpet In The Office?

The safety and softness of the carpet are favored by many people. It will not be as slippery as tiles. If the carpet is well maintained, its beautiful appearance can be maintained for many years. But many people worry about its cleanliness, because the office can be regarded as a public place. If the hygiene is not guaranteed, it will easily cause health diseases. So what about the carpeting in the office?

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How effective is the office carpeting?

1. When many people buy carpets in the office design and decoration, they think that only suede carpets will be more advanced. In fact, it is not the case that choosing the right one you like is the most important thing! The beauty of suede carpet is relatively strong, but when decorating the office, you will realize that not any area is suitable for suede carpet. 

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2. Everyone who has used carpets knows that the carpet surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, so when the dust floating in the air falls on the carpet surface, it will be absorbed by the pile of the carpet, preventing the dust from escaping and playing a role. The dust content in the air is reduced, and the air cleaning effect in the office environment is obvious; the carpet also balances the temperature in the office;

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